Why to be a SKYer ?

Why to be a SKYer ?

Working Through SKY

We are proud to attract the best talent whether your internally working in SKY or outsourced , we provide you with competitive remuneration and benefits, outstanding recognition programs, because our people are the most valuable asset, we invest in our people development and career progression, focusing on identifying top talents and high potentials and providing them with fast track development programs. Through tailored training plans, e-learning options, books, career path guide, and an opportunity to get exposure through cross functional and internal moves, SKY continuously provides opportunities for career progression, preparing young talents to become our future leaders.

Health and Wellbeing

SKY has a Health & Safety team to help ensure a safe workplace. We are committed to strict adherence to compliance with local Egyptian legislations managing Occupational Health And Safety, in addition to our global commitment to SKY Group Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout our operations.

Rewarding our employees

We believe that our people are the most valuable asset of our company and the main driver of our success. Reward and recognition for jobs well done is an integral part of SKY’s human resources strategy.

  • SAC (SKY Achievers Club) One of SKY motivational tools is to reward its top achievers , setting role-models is a competitive edge in SKY organizational culture , SAC Membership is granted to honour its highly active and successful team members , SAC members were rewarded the past years trips to France & Lebanon.
  • SKY Sokhna chalet for free for SKYers with marvellous sea & pool view and with a great rooftop to enjoy your vacation with your family.

  • Premium Card , 10 months free instalments with ZERO interest.

  • Bimonthly surprise for a SKYer & a companion for a dinner by the Nile

  • Annual events

  • Banking financial facilities , SKYers are granted strong financial facilities like credit cards , loans & overdraft through SKY deals with its banks

  • Dedicated 24 / 7 SPOC with SKY.


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